Advantages for all members

Save money

  • Reduced participation fees at activities of ECA-EC [ ]
  • Reduced advertising fees for the website and brochures


Get involved in the European Choral life!

  • Participate in the ECA-EC General Assembly and Membership Days. Coming up: 19 – 21 Nov 2021 | Lyon [FR]
  • Vote to elect the board. Next election: 2021
  • Be a candidate for the ECA-EC Board

Network with your peers!

  • Get in touch with international contacts with the help of the General Secretariat (
  • Use the logo and mention that you are a proud member of ECA-EC
Advantages for member organisations:



Financial advantages

  • Discount for indirect members (members of member organisations) for participating in ECA-EC activities*
  • Benefit from grants and initiatives when funds are available

Cooperation and networking

  • Organise activities in cooperation with ECA-EC


Professional support

  • Access to expertise from the General Secretary or the Music Commission
  • Support in advocacy for collective singing at the national level
  • Access to trainings or other professionalisation offers


  • Free promotion of International and non-competitive events on the ECA-EC monthly newsletter
  • Extra copies of publications (brochures and annual report) if needed to distribute


* This rule of indirect membership for members of members does not apply for:
– Member organisations that have not paid their membership fee for the previous year
– Member organisations in country group 3 where indirect membership cannot be checked
– Umbrella organisations that decide to join as organisations in group D.3
– Organisations or institutions that do not have regular members


Advantages for German choirs:



Financial advantages

  • Travel subsidies for children and youth choirs for attending activities under the label of ECA-EC