What is Europa Cantat junior?

A Festival with a focus on children’s choirs and youth choirs, with singers under 18, offering workshops, concerts, Open Singing and non-choral activities with a schedule adapted to this age group.

Since for such choirs it is difficult to participate in the “normal” Europa Cantat festival for many reasons, events for children’s and gilrs’ choirs where introduced in our federation (see overview on the history).

The success especially of Europa Cantat Junior 3 in Namur in 2002 and the number of children’s and girls’ choirs asking to participate in our festivals and singing weeks convinced us that we need to continue with this idea so that further festivals were organised in Vic (2005), Nevers (2008), Pärnu (2011), Bergen (2014), Lyon (2017), Vilnius (planned for 2020, took place in 2022) and Ghent (2023).

list of Europa cantat junior:


2023: Ghent, Belgium (BE)

2022: Vilnius (LT)

2017: Lyon (FR)

2014: Bergen (NO)

2011: Pärnu (EE)

2008: Nevers (FR)

2005: Vic (ES)