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Collective singing has been proved to be much more than another leisure activity. Its potential to build, strengthen, and develop strong connections between diverse individuals and groups; to make accessible music education and cultural exchange, as well as its positive impact in both physical and mental health of regular singers, makes it a highly accessible and appealing activity for individuals of all ages, cultural, and social backgrounds.

Therefore, the European Video Award on the Benefits of Collective Singing 2021, an initiative of the Youth Committee of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, has the aim of bringing out inspiring and encouraging stories about collective singing and its impact on society.

Video Specifications




The European Video Award wants to promote and publicly acknowledge the creation and diffusion of high-quality videos connected to the topic “the Benefits of Collective Singing”. 

The European Video Award welcomes videos that:

  • Showcase inspiring and real stories on the impact of collective singing in the care of the environment, the promotion of physical & mental health, the access to music education, the facilitation of social inclusion and cultural exchange between different age/social groups; OR
  • Empower real projects in the intersection between collective music and society, showcasing all participants involved (singers, choral leaders, music creators…), as well as the individuals and organisations that lead them.

NOTE: Videos without connection to the main aim of this Award, as stated before, will not be accepted. This includes full music videos of choirs performing a piece, live or virtual.  Nevertheless, showcasing some (physical or virtual) collective singing as part of the videos is highly encouraged.

Technical specifications of submitted videos:

  • Videos must last ca. between 2 and 5 minutes.
  • Videos should be HD with resolution 1920×1080, aspect ratio 16:9; suggested video file .MP4 or .MOV.
Application Process


Applications for this Award will be open from September 1st 2020 to January 31st 2021

The applications should consist of:

  • Application Form here 
  • A link to the video file from a file storage service of choice (WeTransfer)
  • A signed copy of the Allowance Statement here

We will confirm the right reception of all information and files submitted. Shall any problem with the files arise, we will contact the applicant for amendment in the following days. For any questions, please contact

Read the full conditions for your participation here!








 There will be two different Awards: a Jury Award, and a Public Award.

The Jury Award will be granted by a specialised Jury. It consists of a money prize of 600€.

The Public Award will be granted to the video that achieves more public votes through a system of public voting. NOTE: The Jury may do a pre-selection of the videos for the Public Vote. The Public Award consists of a money prize of 400€.

Awarded videos will be announced online through ECA-EC channels in April 2021, after which the organisation will invite prize winners to the Award Ceremony in the context of Europa Cantat Festival 2021 in Ljubljana, covering access to the Europa Cantat Festival 2021 for 1 leading author or two half-time tickets for 2 leading authors. The organisation is covering hotel & meals (one night) for the winners. Any other expense (eg. travel) will not be covered by ECA-EC.


Legal Issues



Both individuals or organisations can submit videos to this call.

Individuals include: aspiring film professionals, filming school students, choral singers, music leaders, or creators, over the age of 18 years old.

Organisations include: vocal groups, choirs, music/filming schools, regional/national/international choral associations, or any other non-profit with connection to the aims of the Award.

Author rights

All rights regarding the audio and audiovisual recordings made for the EUROPEAN CHOIR VIDEO AWARD – THE BENEFITS OF COLLECTIVE SINGING, as well as their exploitation are herewith being granted to ECA-EC by the choir/artists/filmmakers for the purpose of publication in connection with the Award (to the Jury and to the public) and as part of the campaign promoting the benefits of collective singing, as well as for documentation purposes. This also includes the right to publicly perform in live events or broadcast the recordings by private or public broadcast stations. ECA-EC rights also include the right to edit and/or alter the recordings (e.g. by producing mixes or remixes for communication purposes), and to couple the recordings with other recordings (e.g. with recordings of other artists). Finally, this includes the non-exclusive right to use the choir’s /artist’s name as well as images of the  choir / artist in the  context  of the  exploitation and  the  advertising and  promotion measures mentioned above. ECA-EC does not pay any money to the choir/artist for the grant of rights mentioned above apart from any prizes won in the frame of the award. All rights will be granted to ECA-EC and may be exploited by ECA-EC in perpetuity without any limitation as to time, territory and/or manner of exploitation free of any rights of third parties.


Prizes will be awarded to the individual or organisation that submits the application. Applicants must possess the right/permission for use and/or synchronisation of all music extracts, images, and video clips that appear on their video. Applicants must also have permission from all individuals that appear in their video (or their legal guardians, where applicable) to record them with the purpose of applying for the Award.


International Jury



Sebastian Küchler (DE)

Sebastian Küchler (DE)

Music Video Expert

Born in Berlin (Germany), is an educated singer and vocal coach for popular music. Since 2012 he is a founding member and the highest voice of the professional and award-winning vocal group Delta Q.

Zeynep Eren Kovankaya (TR)

Zeynep Eren Kovankaya (TR)

Youth Committee Representative

Choral conductor, a member of the ECA-EC Youth Committee and board member of Choral Culture Association and a proud singer in Rezonans choir.

Aljaž Bastič (SI)

Aljaž Bastič (SI)

Jury President

Born in Slovenia, an enthusiastic choral conductor with over 15 years experience as a choir singer, currently working as a Television Director on musical programmes at the national public Radiotelevision of Slovenia.

Roula Abou Baker (LB)

Roula Abou Baker (LB)

Education/Therapy/Social activism professional

A singer and manager of Fayha Choir: winner of the “IMC Music Rights Award” in 2015, offered by the International Music Council for its psycho-social support projects with children and young refugees in camps and lebanese in conflict and poor areas. She is also a board member of the International Music Council and a regional ambassador to the Arab world.

Martin Wildhaber (CH)

Martin Wildhaber (CH)

Board Member of ECA-EC

Bio coming soon.

Anna Bobrikova (RU)

Anna Bobrikova (RU)

Jury Secretary

Amateur choir singer from St. Petersburg and a member of the ECA-EC Youth Committee, really eager to receive all your videos!


Meet last edition’s winners




The winner of the previous European Video Award, Delta-Q.

Note: Please do not see this video as an example or orientation, as the given topic of the award differs each edition.