Sing Me In – Webinars 2019

Sing Me In – Free webinars

  • Are you a conductor, a teacher, or working in the social field? Or maybe just singing in a choir?
  • Don’t you think that singing together makes your life better, and brings you friends and social relations?
  • Do you believe that singing can help people live together?
  • Do you believe that it can help the integration of young migrants, in schools, in choirs, in society?

We do.

With 11 organisations across Europe, we worked for two years to collect examples, good practices and repertoire, and created handbooks to help you set up singing projects that bring people together.

You can already download and read the handbooks under


A webinar is a live event, happening online, where speakers and attendees can interact and exchange in a structured way.

You will only need a computer or a tablet to connect and follow the webinar.

Handbooks are a nice tool, yet a bit of human interaction adds the magic! We would love to meet all the interested readers in person, but it might prove difficult 🙂

So , we presented the handbooks, and practical examples as well as useful repertoire, during three online webinars, you can find the video recordings below (without the chat of the participants for privacy reasons).

Working in School environment

23 May – 17:00 CEST


  • Côme Ferrand Cooper | European Choral Association

Singing with groups of young refugees

24 May 15:00 CEST


  • Canan Özgür | Choral Culture Association | Turkey
  • Daniel Z. von Gertten | Ung i Kor | Norway
  • Côme Ferrand Cooper | European Choral Association

Including young people with migrant background in existing choirs

27 May 15:00 CEST


  • Marina Velasquez | Moviment Coral Català | Spain
  • Sonja Greiner | European Choral Association
  • Côme Ferrand Cooper | European Choral Association