First, tell us briefly:

Who you are?

Hellooo, everyone! This is Eren from Turkey! I am one of the members of the Youth Committee(YC). I am a choral conductor, manager, and singer!

What does singing mean for you?

I have been singing in choirs for 10 years now, therefore it is indeed a crucial part of my life where I can express myself more clearly, feel relaxed and enjoy being in the moment.

When did you first get across the YC of ECA-EC? Why did it felt appealing to you?

The first time I encountered with the name YC was at a Rezonans rehearsal. Burak told us some activities and projects that he was involved in as a youth committee member. It sounded so fascinating and exciting. In 2015, I was at the Europa Cantat Pecs Festival, and that was it, I was sold!

Can you tell us your best memory (so far) as a member of the YC?

I should say that it is somewhat hard for me to pick the best moment of YC because we have lots of them! Maybe it’s better to talk about a feeling that I have. We are very much passionate people about realizing new projects, we can always run a meeting in a very organized way. BUT at the same time, we know how to have fun. We have some online drinks after meetings and we introduce our pets and plants to each other. That’s why it feels so close and family-like.

Can you think of something your family would say about you?

I am the very first choir person in my family. We have some musicians, but rather architects and urban planners. It’s still a big challenge for me to explain to my father that I am only a choir singer, not a solo singer. He always wants me to sing some arias like an opera singer, in front of everybody! He thinks that I’m depriving him of this joyous occasion of me singing with my lovely voice. That’s not the case. It’s just that I cannot sing like that, babacım. If you’re reading.

Eren, what’s your favourite sound?

Children singing and laughing.

And for you, what’s the best part of a concert?

The silent moments between pieces. It is as if the sound cleans up the silence, and it worths much more.

What’s left from our side.. what do you sing under the shower?

I enjoy discovering some either weird or appropriate singing positions because the acoustics is incredible!!!

This was great, thank you!


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