As usual, let us know who you are.

Martin Wildhaber, 33, Switzerland, I’m a conductor, a high school teacher and a mediator.

When did you first come in contact with choral music?

We sang choir music in the classroom for 4 years before my teacher could persuade me to join the school choir at the age of 16. My motivation at that time, however, was above all the fact that I did not have to attend the subject philosophy due to the choir attendance. Later the sopranos became interesting. Even later the music.

What does singing mean for you?

For me, it is the most personal form of musical expression, which is given to every person and immediately connects all people on the planet.

What is for you the best part of a concert?

Even though I love my profession as a conductor and love to listen to concerts; there is nothing like singing on stage!

Can you remember a mistake in a choral concert that made you laugh?

A concert announcement of my choir accidentally ended with the words: “… under the direction of Martin Liebhaber” (“Liebhaber” can be understood as loving or affectionate). It was one of the best concert starts in my career.

Can you remember participating in an activity of ECA-EC that especially marked you?

The EC Festival in Utrecht was my first choir trip abroad and has awakened in me a fascination for musical intercultural exchange.

What would you be if you would not be a musician?

Farmer and leadership coach.

Which famous musician, alive or dead, would you like to meet or make music with?

A lesson with Bach and party with Mozart!

Awesome! Thanks a lot!


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